Darren hayes -mon amour- ha messo su facebook come status: Ask me a question you’ve always wanted to know the answer to. I’ll respond as a ‘thing you might not know about me’

E via con le domande: chi gli chiede dove trova l’ispirazione, chi gli chiede dei Savage Garden ecc…. E lui man mano risponde.

Finchè tal Braden Pickering chiede: I’ll be the one to ask the obvious – Top or bottom?

E Darren risponde: Well Mr Braden Pickering let me share a few things I know about life. First of all a gentleman would never ask such a question. Secondly I would never limit myself by defining my identity according to one of the millions of things you can do with another human being in bed. I hope you don’t.




SugarKane: HaHaHaHa.E’ chiaro che è una passivona perchè anch’io darei una risposta del genere!